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This is what we do:

1.  Find the colours that suit your skin tone with a Colour Analysis Consultation.

2.   Determine your body shape and the styles to suit your shape and your lifestyle and analyse your own wardrobe to see if you have clothes that fit the criteria using our Wardrobe Styling Service.

3.  Design a "Capsule Wardrobe" of essential pieces which you can mix and match to make a variety of outfits. We use clothes that you already have and we can take you Personal Shopping for the items you need.

After this you will have a clutter-free wardrobe you can fully utilise and you will be able to shop knowing the colours and styles to buy, which will automatically match with what you have at home which will save you time and money!

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Ever liked an item of clothing but not sure which colour to choose?

Do you always wear black?

Would you like to wear a wider range of colours?

Do you have a dress that fits you well but not sure why it just doesn't look right?

Having a Colour Analysis will show you the best colours that work for your skin tone.

The right colours can even out skin tone, diminish lines, blemishes and dark circles, help your complexion look more radiant, bring definition to your features, make you look younger and healthier and can make your teeth look whiter.

By the end of the session you will be able to shop more confidently and only buy the colours that suit you. However,  if you want to buy the right colours in the right style for you then please  make use of my wardrobe stylng service which will totally revamp your whole way of thinking when it comes to shopping and your wardrobe.


Most people wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time.

Garments are kept for years because of emotional ties, promises of fitting in them again or just waiting for the right occasion. Some clothes still have the tags on and have not been worn at all, while others have been worn only once and left at the back of the wardrobe never to be worn again!

Wardrobe styling will show clients what is no longer working for them and most importantly why it's not.

We will determine your body shape and what styles of clothes suit you.

As a result you will be able to create a Capsule Wardrobe of essential pieces that you can mix and match into many outfits, know how to dress from day wear to evening wear and reduce the amount of unworn clothes in your wardrobe.

WARNING! This is a life changing experience!


Do you spend hours shopping and end up taking it all back?

Do you spend way too much money on items you don't wear?

Do you need help finding clothes for a special occasion or a new job?

This service helps you to determine what to buy, where to buy it and how to keep within your budget.

We can help you choose an outfit for a special occasion or event eg. wedding, new job etc or to help you complete your capsule wardrobe.

Do you prefer to shop online?

Do you not have the time shop during normal opening times?

Do you live too far away?

Maybe our Online Personal Shopping is for you.

This can be done from the comfort of your own home where we either share computer screens remotely or in person sharing the same computer  screen.