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Seasonal Card Wallet

Each Card Wallet contains 30 different precision dyed colour fabric swatches which are made from 100% cotton poplin and are displayed in a waterfall effect so each colour can be easily viewed.

These seasonal colour analysis wallets are all presented in an attractive clear vinyl holder.

Each piece of fabric is 5cm x 5.5cm

Available in Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter

Wallet measures 10cm x 26cm
Price: £22



Seasonal Fan Swatch

These handmade fabric colour swatches are  displayed on white card which can be simply fanned out to easily view the colours.

On the reverse of each card there is valuable information about colour analysis, hair colour, make up etc.

The fans are expertly finished with a suede style cover which is fastened in place with a smart screw to offer a practical and attractive look.

30 pieces of precision dyed 100% cotton poplin.

Available in Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter

Measures 12.5cm x 6.5cm

Price: £27



Keep your colours with you by buying a seasonal colour analysis wallet or fan containing precision dyed 100% cotton poplin fabric colour swatches.

We have a variety of styles in all seasons with vinyl covers which both protect the swatches and give a professional edge to the products.

Purchase one now and never be without your colours again!


Seasonal Mini Fan

Seasonal Mini

Petite wallet sized swatches perfect for quick comparisons during shopping trips.

A brass screw holds the 30 fabric colour swatches together and enables the swatches to fan out to make matching colours easy.

The swatch has a clear vinyl cover.

Available in Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter

Size: 7cm x 5cm
Price: £17



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