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This is me!

Mum and Dad in the 1960's

 Mum and Dad back in the '60's


My name is Eugénie Burton and I am the creator, owner and Lead Consultant for Audrey Alexander Personal Styling.

Initially, I wanted to offer a full service to my Personal Training and Weight Management clients as I noticed that many clients needed help dressing their new body shape. However, I soon developed such a love and passion for style and elegance that I embarked on building a separate Personal Styling business but still operating under my fitness business -

I believe that there are many similarities between an addiction to shopping and an addiction to food. One brings a burden on your finances while the other affects your health. Both addictions can be eliminated with a change of attitude and determination. I have a passion for people to be the best they can be and Audrey Alexander will help both men and women unleash their inner style and look and feel amazing.

My parents were the ones who initially introduced me to style. I remember how they were always stylish and were very particular about how they looked before leaving the house. I wanted to honour them both for their hard work in bringing up six, delightful daughters but also for teaching us how to dress with style.

Audrey Hazel and John Emmanuel Alexander Chambers - I salute you!
                           Eugénie Burton


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